Our #1 recommended pick for 2013 is WebWatcher. The computer monitoring software is easy to use and extremely effective in controlling the web content that children are able to access.

  • Free Trial
  • Cost: $97 for Basic License
  • Records All Computer Activity
  • Access Software Over Any Internet Connection
  • Easy to Configure and Use
  • Records All Keystrokes, Even Passwords and Searches
  • Provides Screenshots

What Separates WebWatcher?

This parental control application provides the most comprehensive content monitoring solution of all the parental control applications we researched. It not only performs all of the functions that other parental control tools perform, WebWatcher records all computer activity on the monitored computer, which can then be accessed remotely.

  • Cost: $79.97
  • Records Visited Websites
  • Compatible with All Popular Browsers
  • Real Time Screen Viewer
  • May be Configured as Key Logger
  • Bypasses Firewalls to Send Monitoring Data
  • Operates in Stealth Mode
  • Remains Undetected by Anti-Spyware and Anti-Virus Programs
  • Remote Surveillance of Monitored PCs

What is SniperSpy?

SniperSpy is an innovative parental control content monitoring system that enables monitoring from remote locations. To install the SniperSpy application on a computer to be monitored, generate the executable module from the administrative interface. The executable may then be attached to another program, a Microsoft Word document, email attachment or any other application that is opened with a click of the mouse. SniperSpy installs to the monitored computer completely undetected.

  • Cost: $69.95
  • Runs in Stealth Mode by Default With Stealth Installation
  • Monitors All Major Internet Messaging Chat Clients
  • Keyword Filtering and Blocking

What differs Spytech SpyAgent?

Spytech SpyAgent may be installed via two modes. The first mode is Administrator/Tester mode. When the software is installed via this method, the SpyAgent icon is viewable by all users in the system tray. The program is accessible through the Windows Start menu, and all Help files are visible. The second mode of installation is Stealth mode. When the program is installed via the Stealth method, the software runs on the monitored computer undetectable by anti-spyware and anti-virus programs. In addition, the program is not found with the Windows Task Manager.

  • Cost: $99.95 for one computer
  • Leading and Established Computer Monitoring Software
  • Monitors All Computer Use
  • Ability to Restrict Internet Usage
  • Choose Between Visible and Stealth Mode
  • Works on Mac OS X

What is Spector Pro?

Spector Pro monitors and records all computer activity on the computer where the software is installed. In fact, Spector Pro records every keystroke that is typed on the computer. Spector Pro includes a screen snapshot feature that allows parents to view not only what their children do while on the computer, but how they go about doing it. The administration features of Spector Pro include the ability to view your child’s actions on the computer as if you were watching a movie on a TV. Other features allow parents to view programs accessed on the computer at a glance.

  • Free Trial
  • Cost: $69.95 for two computer license ($59.95 with PCMSnet Promo Code)
  • Allows for real-time content analysis after subscription
  • Blocks any unwanted sites
  • Highly resistant to hacking/tampering
  • Reveals all actions of the computer via screen-shots
  • One of the best User Interfaces on the market

What is PC Pandora?

PC Pandora is one of the most comprehensive computer monitoring software titles on the market today. PC Pandora records ALL activity on a computer and gives parents the ability to activate additional parental controls. With the LIVE! monthly service, you can even retrieve the data remotely.

  • Cost: $39.99 for one computer license; 3-pack for $59.98
  • Real-Time Content Analysis
  • Resistant to Hacking, Tampering
  • Removes Obscenities from View
  • Flags Questionable Instant Messenger Conversations
  • Remote Configuration
  • Filters Inappropriate Games using ESRB-based technology
  • Works on Mac OS X

What is Net Nanny?

Net Nanny is one of the oldest and most respected parental control and content monitoring software on the market. The Net Nanny application is very easy to use and includes many positive attributes, such as the program analyzes content in real-time. This simply means that web content is passed through the Net Nanny filter as it is displayed on the screen. Obscenities are blocked from pages that include valid content with exclamation points.

  • Cost: $29.95 per year, works on three computers
  • Maintain and updated by one of the top security companies in the software business (McAfee)
  • Advanced Web Blocking Profiles
  • Monitor and Records all Instant Messangers
  • Filters through all types of Media
  • Monitors all major Social Networks
  • Mac OSX friendly

What is SafeEyes?

SafeEyes is one of the most common computer monitoring software’s around. SafeEyes allows parents to monitor and control their children’s online and offline behavior. With the low annual price tag, you get the full feature package with no additional fee’s required for updates. SafeEyes allows parents to use built in web profiles that allow you to easily set what you do or do not want your child viewing on the internet.

  • Cost: $59.97
  • Logs All Emails, Instant Messaging, Browser History, and Keystrokes
  • Snaps Pictures of Facebook and MySpace Every 15 seconds
  • Records Webcam Usage
  • Ability to Record at Specified Time
  • Blocks Unwanted Sites

What is AceSpy?

The computer monitoring software AceSpy is from the same company who developed SniperSpy. AceSpy is a leader in the computer monitoring industry and is intended for personal and corporate purposes. The software can be installed under the radar and can record all computer activity at a much lower price than its competitors.

  • Cost: $39.97 for one computer
  • Create a Custom Scheduled for Each User’s Computer Access
  • Lock Out Users When Scheduled Time Runs Out
  • Prohibit Use Of Sites Containing Specified Keywords
  • Block Selected Software on Applied Computer
  • Log Computer Use With Screen Shots and Keystrokes
  • Changes Windows Settings Through the Software
  • Locked Administration Tools

What is Advanced Parental Control?

Advanced Parental Control was created by RetinaXStudios which is a well rounded software development company and have a lot of experience. Advanced Parental Control is a much more affordable solution to the more pricier parental controls like Net Nanny.

  • Cost: $29.95 With an Additional Charge for Internet Accessibility (Total Cost: $149.95)
  • Easy Installation
  • Captures POP3 Email through Microsoft Outlook
  • Simple, Easy to Use Interface
  • 15 Day Money-Back Guarantee

What is IAmBigBrother?

IAmBigBrother, with its comparably low price tag, offers parents the option to monitor their children’s online activities, including social networking. IAmBigBrother records both sides of the conversation for all major Instant Messaging applications. This parental control content monitoring application is easy to install and the administrative interface is easy to use.