How to Stop your Child’s Video Game Addiction

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Video game addiction can be a serious threat to any child’s education. If they are addicted to console gaming, it is a simple fix, simply take the console away from them. However, what if they are addicted to Computer Games? These days you cant just take away the child’s computer because they may need the computer to do homework. This can pose a lot of issues if you child is sitting on social sites or, even more common, playing video games. Often teenagers will stay up all night and play video games on their computer and then sleep all day at school. They will sleep in class and neglect their school work at home. Video game addiction is usually tied closely with insomnia. Kids will stay up as late as possible to avoid the long grind of a school day. Often computer addiction in general includes a lot of time wasted on sites such as Facebook, MySpace, or Reddit.

Going after the problem at hand

Addiction to video games can also have social consequences. Children will often choose a virtual world over the real world because it is more interesting and has far less risk involved. It can cause poor choices in the future and a general detachment to reality. Your child may suffer from being socially challenged and struggle to fit in. Game addiction is shown to persist throughout a child’s life and cause problems in many areas of their life. Roughly fifty percent of adults addicted to videos games say that it causes a lot of strain on their marriage. Also the social ineptitude caused by this addiction will cause the problem to persist in the long term. It continues to get easier to stay in a virtual world then to face an increasingly challenging real world. So what is a parent to do?

Monitor their child, and prevent games from being ran

Computer Monitoring Software can be a very easy solution to this problem. If you have a child that is highly addicted to computer video games, any of the programs reviewed on our site will allow you to block any unwanted activities on your child’s computer, including video games. You can block any software that you want or simply set a time to block their computer activities completely.

Another perk of monitoring your child’s computer instead of taking it away is you can get an idea of how much work they have done remotely. All of their school work, video game play, and time wasted on social sites will be reported on to your computer. You can see what types of school work your child may be struggling with and maybe get an idea of why they are avoiding school so aggressively in the first place. You will also have proof of their slacking off if your child claims that his schoolwork is finished you will know better.

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