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  • WebWatcher Review

WebWatcher Review

What Separates WebWatcher?

This parental control application provides the most comprehensive content monitoring solution of all the parental control applications we researched. It not only performs all of the functions that other parental control tools perform, WebWatcher records all computer activity on the monitored computer, which can then be accessed remotely. In addition to web content blocking and monitoring, it snaps screenshots of programs that are running on the monitored computer. It also includes a Keystroke Logger that keeps track of every single click of a key or mouse. It even records passwords used on the monitored computer.

Keeping Your Family Safe

Parents are able to access their child’s computer activity records over the Internet through an easy to use interface. The interface makes monitoring more than one user or computer a snap. Each session is recorded by date and time, as well as with the user name of the child. The interface provides the ability to quickly search through recorded data on dates and keywords so parents are able to quickly identify and thwart any online threat. WebWatcher also keeps track of the searches performed on the monitored computer.

Innocent Until Proven Guilty

A great feature of this software is its ability to store all recorded monitoring data in an online account. To monitor a child’s activity, the parent simply logs onto the online account and opens the monitoring interface. Because it records monitoring data in real time, the parent is able to monitor the child’s activity as soon as the child performs an action on the computer. WebWatcher goes way beyond monitoring only online activity and blocking questionable websites. It records everything that is typed or accessed on the computer, online or offline. In addition, monitors email that is sent and received on the computer.

Search Functions and Filters

Not only does it record all activity on the monitored computer, but it also includes content filtering functionality. Just like other leading parental control monitoring applications, it provides the parent with the ability to filter all web content, including multimedia that the child may access. It also supports Keyword Alerts. When it encounters the specified keyword during a session, you will receive an email that the keyword has been used. Keyword Alerts function whether the user of the monitored computer utilizes the keyword in an email, an Internet search or the keyword is included in web content.

Final Thoughts

WebWatcher is a one of a kind computer monitoring software. With the fact that is has just about every feature imaginable, it all being accessible remotely from any computer with an internet connection at no monthly/yearly cost is simply unbeatable. WebWatcher is hands down the best monitoring software we had the privilege to review. With the free trial, there’s really no reason not to give it a shot when in the market for a top-notch computer monitoring software.

2 Reviews for “WebWatcher”

  1. Michelle

    I wish this was available for Mac! Can anyone recommend the best equivalent product for a mac? thanks!

    Posted on July 7, 2012
  2. ben marks

    it is now available for mac!

    Posted on June 25, 2013

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