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What is Spector Pro?

Spector Pro monitors and records all computer activity on the computer where the software is installed. In fact, Spector Pro records every keystroke that is typed on the computer. Spector Pro includes a screen snapshot feature that allows parents to view not only what their children do while on the computer, but how they go about doing it. The administration features of Spector Pro include the ability to view your child’s actions on the computer as if you were watching a movie on a TV. Other features allow parents to view programs accessed on the computer at a glance.

Block Internet and Programs

The newest Pro version of Spector Pro now includes the ability for parents to block Internet access by time and day of the week. In addition, parents are now able to block other programs from the child’s access, as well. Block chat programs, such as Trillian, or other instant messaging programs at certain times of the day or certain days of the week, or both. Parents may also block access to the Internet, or block single websites.

Superb Monitoring Features

With the screen snapshot feature, parents are able to view exactly what the child sees on the Internet. If the child visits their Facebook page, parents are able to view every interaction the child has while on the site.

Great Reporting Features

Spector Pro generates reports of your child’s computer activity. The reports are displayed in an easy-to-use, tabbed interface. Search for specific keywords or instances in the administrative reporting interface. Additionally, the aggregate reporting page reports overall computer time, social media profiles browsed, group postings, blog postings, images viewed or uploaded, as well as social media invitations sent and invitations accepted. Parents may also view a list of Friends just by clicking a tab on the top navigation bar.

From the administrative interface, parents may also block chat senders / recipients, block programs and control the child’s Internet access. Block websites, as well, from the interface. Blocking a website may be accomplished in just a couple clicks of the mouse.

Click the “Program Activity” tab to view each accessed program in chronological order. Each program is listed, along with the time of day the program was accessed and the length of time the program was active. All data is organized in an easy to read format and data is searchable. Quickly find keywords in the monitoring reports and go straight to the instances where the keywords were used. For example, you will see a report of chat conversations, email, web pages and other content where the keyword is present.


Don’t forget to check out Spector Pro’s sister product, eBLASTER. It has the ability to send email alerts automatically straight to your email address. Set up Keyword Alerts in Spector Pro and when you child types a specified keyword, you are sent an automated email from eBLASTER.

With eBLASTER, parents add functionality to monitor their child’s computer behavior remotely by receiving emailed reports to a specified email address. With it, parents may monitor their child’s activity from another room in the house, from work or from anywhere. eBLASTER seamlessly integrates itself with Spector Pro.

For maximum functionality and the ability to monitor your child’s computer behavior from the same computer, or from a remote location, use Spector Pro and eBLASTER together.


While Spector Pro does have a great interface and array of features, we recommend using WebWatcher instead. It gives much more value with its remote monitoring capabilities with a basic single license.

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