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SniperSpy Review

What is SniperSpy?

SniperSpy is an innovative parental control content monitoring system that enables monitoring from remote locations. To install the SniperSpy application on a computer to be monitored, generate the executable module from the administrative interface. The executable may then be attached to another program, a Microsoft Word document, email attachment or any other application that is opened with a click of the mouse. SniperSpy installs to the monitored computer completely undetected.

Administrative Stealth Monitoring

Once the monitoring executable is installed, PC activity may be monitored using the administrative interface from anywhere with an Internet connection. SniperSpy may be configured to operate in “stealth,” or hidden, mode. When the program is in stealth mode, the application is able to run undetected by the user, and by anti-virus and anti-spyware programs. SniperSpy records all web content that is accessed on the monitored computer, as well as online games, social networking activity and online searches. When the keylogger is configured, SniperSpy will record usernames, passwords, online account IDs, online shopping transactions and bank account information. SniperSpy may be configured to generate screenshots of the activity occurring on the monitored computer.

For Parents

Parents may access the easy to use administrative interface to view their child’s access on the monitored computer. Screenshots of the active window may be displayed as long as the configuration is set to do so. Near real time recording of the child’s access may be monitored from any computer with Internet access and a browser.

Social Networking

Social networking behavior is captured using the screenshot functionality, as well. As long as the social media window is active, screenshots are recorded. The keylogger will record entire chat conversations and other communications on the social networking sites.

Screen Viewer

In addition to still screenshots, SniperSpy includes the Real Time Screen Viewer feature. This feature enables the parent to view their child’s computer activity as if watching the activity on a TV screen. Watch your child’s online behavior in real time using the screen viewer though the SniperSpy LIVE control panel. SniperSpy also captures entire Instant Messaging conversations, and is compatible with Yahoo IM, Google Talk, Windows Live and other popular IM clients.


One benefit that is unique to the SniperSpy software is the ability to reboot the monitored computer, to freeze the users’ mouse or to log out the current user with the SniperSpy LIVE control panel. SniperSpy also provides the ability for parents to map the IP addresses of monitored computers, and allows parents to send discreet messages to monitored computers. This is a great way to warn children that the parent is aware of questionable online behavior.


Through our reviews of parental control content monitoring software that, even though SniperSpy has some great features, WebWatcher is the best parental control software available. The free trial offered for WebWatcher, as well as the functionality of the program, which incorporates all the best features of other content monitoring software, makes WebWatcher the best choice for parents.

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  1. angelo

    hi want to try and buy sound great

    Posted on September 5, 2014

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